Monday, September 27, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11 hits screen in Russia

I have already expressed my thoughts on Moore's flick.
To repeat the main point again I was struck by how boring and uninspiring was this, suppposedly brilliant, exercise in Bush-basing. Bush is a moron, and the root of all evil in the world?? Whatever, dude, we've heard that before countless times...
the article I just read in the St. Peterburg Times (not the one in Florida :-))is entitled Moore Film Draws Thin Audience.

I am not surprised that F 9/11 poor numbers in Russia. It's not because Russians love Dubya. Au contraire, Bush and America are dispiced and loathed in Russia on a greater level than in most of Western Europe where mass anti-Americanism is a relatively recent phenomenon. The reason why Russians don't want to see it is that Moore's take no prisoner propaganda style is nothing new to them. It's called the Black piar (that is PR) in Russian and the practice of maligning of your political opponents with little regard to the facts of logic has been in use since the 1999 parliamentary campaign.

And as in Iran, where young Iranians inadvertenly made a judgement upon their own regime, Russians make the same kind of paralles. "Can you imagine the same kind of movie about Putin? I don't think so".

Article's best line
"I fell asleep halfway through," a user named Slava wrote on "It is ordinary 'black PR' for zombified people who can't think on their own."

Well said, Slava, well indeed...


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