Thursday, September 30, 2004

Heather Mallick - a proud socialist...with expensive taste

Anyone who's ever read Saturday Globe knows what a moron she is. I'd leave to Bob Tarantino to vivisect her stuff at the Let It Bleed.
But apparently Ms. Mallick sometimes leaves her downtown Toronto and ventures, you'd never know, to that redneck country of ours, Alberta whereupon a fawning reporter produces an absolutely sycophantic interview with her for the Journal
(unfortunately the interview itself is behind the subsribtion wall, so you gotta trust me - I don't misqoute :-))
Talking about the apparent contridiction between her "I am a proud socialist" posturing and her expensive shopping habits she explains:

"I never felt a socialist had not to wash their hair or that when a tooth fell out they don't get it replaced. I don't think you have to wear garments made of hemp and menstrual pads made out of sand... I don't think socialism sentences you to personal impovershiment."

Well, I recall an old Soviet joke that was coined in response to a slogan
"Under socialism everything is for the Person" - yeah, we know that Person name...
I guess I know now too....

Heather Mallick - the Marie Antoinette of the Left


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