Monday, October 04, 2004

The Dreamers

So this weekend I saw the Dreamers - a Bernardo Bertolucci movie set in Paris in 1968.
Good soundtrack, sometimes very good.
aesthetically pleasing. Bertolucci is indeed a professional so he knows what he's doing.
Not much else. I mean there is nothing else to this movie except for a couple of nice shots and a lot of nude adolescent bodies shown with Hellenic overtones (If you know what I mean :-)). I were to explain my impression in just one word, it would non-profound.
Thoughts upon watching:
What we see in the movie is a polyandrous relationship involving (perceived) incest. The heroine wants to commit suicide if her parents find out (which she didn't opting instead to join the revolutionary struggle of Parisian students in 1968).
In the year 2004 it still seems somewhat controversial though not as scandalous as it would have likely been in the year of 1968.
But I cannot help but wonder how the efforts of the let's-make-marriage-more-inclusive movement might alter the impression the movie makes on general public in, say, ten years.
The viewer's attitude to her problem would be - she was a victim of bias in those old times, now she could've come out and live in a peaceful, committed relationship with the two boys collecting social security benefits.
In a nutshell, the story now seems to be of the Kink material, ten years down the road it might as well be a Good morning America kind of stuff.


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