Friday, July 07, 2006

Moscow doesn't believe tears: a PC feedback

Yesterday I watched "Moskva slezam ne verit" for the umpteen time, though it was probably the first time I saw it from the very beginning. Enjoyed it all over again. I usually write about my own impressions here but in case of this movie, after having become well versed in the 'correct party line of the PC code', I had a hunch that not all Westerners would find the story of a successful business woman who is desperate to get married very endearing. Turned out I was right. Here's what one IMDB reviewer wrote:

Being Western, I found myself questioning whether she had truly achieved something. The crown of achievement, we are taught, is independence, equality. Whereas she achieved that in a career and in her lifestyle, in her heart, she yearned for a man, to be the little wife, and to submit herself to a patriarchal marriage. But, in the end, who are we to judge another's happiness?

Isn't it hilarious? Especially the last part which helps to understand that cultural relativism trumps all other considerations. No matter what...


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