Friday, June 02, 2006

News from the Wonderland Russia: the guard is tired...

The guard is tired said saylor Zhelezniak and that's how the short-lived era of free Russian parliamentarism ended in 1918.
Soviet parliament (the Surpreme Soviet) was a fictitiuous institution stripped of any power of decision-making whatsoever. And so is apparently the Federation Council (Senate) in the new, supposedly free and democratic, Russia.
The latest proof thereof came just today after Putin sent packing his fiercely loyal Prosecutor General, Vladimir Ustinov. As usual, no explanation was given so the media is abuzz over it, speculating about possible reasons for his dismissal.
But senators who according to the law are to dismiss the prosecutor formally, are in a difficult situation, struggling to explain the sacking. Striving to rise to the occasion some of them reached the heights of Kafkaesque absurdity. reports:
Левон Чахмахчян, член Совета федерации от Калмыкии
- Я считаю, что отставка принята, потому что нужно уважать права человека. Он имеет право уйти с должности. То, что никаких вопросов не возникло у членов Совета федерации, это нормально.

Levon Chakhmachchyan, member of the Federation Council from Kalmykia
- I think the resignation was accepted because one should respect human rights. He has the right to resign from his position. That's why no questions were asked and that's normal.

[translation and emphasis mine]

Welcome to Putin's Wonderland indeed!


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