Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Japan: RussiansForeigners are not welcomed

I've heard about that before here's visual proof that what would spark moral outrage and (million dollar class action lawsuit) in the West seems to be a normal practice in Japan:

Translation: Gentlemen! Show some respect for our customs. Temporarily, the personall of foreign ships may not enter the premises of our sauna.

Here's another sign:

Translation: Foreign citizens, please do not enter.

This photos and many more can be found here

What can I say? Russian nationalists are fond of bitching how the outside world is inherently hostile to Russia only to conclude that the semi-voluntary surrender of the Soviet Union that ended the Cold War was a stupid mistake bordering on outright treason. Normally, I would just scoff at how wrong they are. But it's hard to argue when there's such a blatant visual manifestation of it.


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