Monday, October 24, 2005

Russia's European choice

Among tons of utter crap that passes for analysis in the world of today's Russian journalism there's one thoughtful article on Russia's Ukraine problem (written by a Ukrainian of course)
Dmitrii Kirichenko's European Choice (in Russian unfortunately)
The author mounts an angry, yet well-deserved, offense at present day Slavianophiles and urges Russian Westerners to shed their prejudicies regarding the Ukrainian language. So it's a worthy read but there's one line that made me chuckle nerviously:
Even most hardcore nationalists [in Ukraine] admit openly that Ukrainian, like other similar local languages (Swedish, Czech, modern Greek) are not sufficient on the communicative level.

The rather vague "sufficient on the communicative level" is of course nothing else but the claim that Ukrainian can only exist alongside some other language, which would supplement it "on the communicative level". In the case of the Swedish language it is presumably English. But I seriously doubt that Swedes or Czechs think of their languages as "communicatively insufficient".


At 2:30 AM, Anonymous Максим said...

Пане, Ви не в Торонті живете, часом?
то можна було б якось перетнутися

At 1:59 PM, Blogger Oleksa said...

На жаль ні. Я з Едмонтону, Альберта. Будете у нашому краю - ласкаво просимо, До речі, я останній раз відвідував НЙ не так давно - у квітні цього року. Але тоді я про вас не знав, на жаль :-)

Ну отож, кіп ін тач, як кажуть. Бог дасть, може десь перетнемось...


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