Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Reality vs. fiction (adminstration of justice)

Any avid Law&Order fan can site off the top of his/her head
"Bail hearing:
charges - murder in the second degree... people request bail to be set at 300,000 dollars... my client has no financial means... it's a murder charge, counsillor.. bail is set at $100,000. Bang"

or something like that,
But this is a TV show. Meanwhile in real life
Michael White, an Edmontonian accused of killing his pregnant wife Liana, has been realised on bail, set at the whopping sum of... try to guess...
10,000 CAD.

Again, my intent is not to cast a judgement and say the bail amount is set ridicously low. At the same time, it seems pretty obvious to me that due to the high publicity surrounding this case, Mr. White is unlikely to try to flee. I also doubt that he could be a danger to anyone else. Plus, there's such thing as presumption of innocence. But I just wonder whether this is a normal practice and then it's the Law&Order script writers who exaggerate the amount of bail normally asked in murder cases.


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