Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Immigration to Canada: some damning facts

This is unf...ngbelievable:
Therefore, simple measures aimed at ensuring language proficiency, and a more rigid adherence to the government’s existing point system for admitting immigrants (currently, only 23% are subject to these criteria), would go a long way toward ending the decline in immigrants’ economic fortunes.

(National Post. An immigrant’s lot: Editorial. A14 Tuesday, October 11, 2005).
The full report (PDF file) is here
23%. And I thought they were not rigorous enough in applying the points criteria (I personally know of one guy who managed to immigrate to Canada as a ‘skilled worker’ (as far as I’m concerned he’s indeed qualified) but whose English is atrocious. But to know that only one fifth are actually subjected to the process is staggering. My question is how the hell can it be: From what I know one can only sponsor his children/wife/parents and it’s still hard to do. I just don’t see how under the circumstances the ratio can get so uneven.


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