Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Alien vs. Predator in the land of Canadian politics

David Warren practices his acerbic wit:
Item, Svend Robinson to run again for Parliament, this time in Vancouver Centre against Hedy Fry. This, the year after being caught stealing an extremely pricey wedding ring, as a present to his boyfriend. And for which he is not currently serving time. Mr. Robinson being the M.P. whose successful private members’ bill criminalized opposition to homosexuality, under the same section of the Criminal Code that punishes “genocide”, setting the stage for the legislation of “same-sex marriage”.

Ms Fry is the memorable alleger of Ku Klux Klan events that didn’t happen.

So that will be the main event in the next election. Several elimination side-card events were proposed by an Internet wag. “Terror Cell Member v. Paedophile! Man-Hating Feminist v. Drug Dealer! Corrupt Lobbyist v. Pornographer! Bogus Refugee v. Gay Activist! Euthanasiast v. Incest Promoter!”

This pretty much sums up my feelings about the issue. It's only that Mr. Warren said it much more eloquently than I would ever be able to do.


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