Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Why Western Alliance is dead

Nato will not be around circa 2015 - which is why the Americans are talking it up right now. An organisation that represents the fading residual military will of mostly post-military nations is marginally less harmful than the EU, which is the embodiment of their pacifist delusions.

This is from Mark Steyn's latest article in the Telegraph on the NATO summit in Brussels (read it all). I pick these lines mostly because of their eloquency, especially the last one. But it makes me wonder: if it Steyn's assessment is correct what about Ukraine? I mean Yuschenko came to Brussels not only to meet with Bush but also to reaffirm Ukraine's new foreign policy objectives - to join the EU and NATO. But everybody understands the EU membership is a distant future whereas joining NATO is an attainable goal. Does it mean that Ukraine's efforts are in vain? Questions...


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