Monday, February 07, 2005

why there's no rock music in Russia

A Russian LiveJournal user tries to explain why Russian radiostations don't want play 'rock' (i.e. non-mainstream) music:
In affluent countries [of the West] rock musis is a form of protest of people who live well against things that don't let them to live better. In Russia however, the population is divided between the thieving elite and the proles busy with survival and not interested in anything else. That's why there is no 'protest' music in Russia.

I like his definition of social stratification in Russia. That's so true. yet, it is so more evident how wrong he, and other Russian intellectuals, are about the West.
Western 'alternative' music is not about 'getting things better'. If it's not all so conceptual teenage whining about how nobody understands me, it's even more disgusting 'rage against the system' whereby the authors want to embrace worst forms of totalitarianism just because it's not like 'our boring world'. Hence, virulent anti-Americanism (at least in Canada), and all that "rock against Bush" campaign.
It's a vicious cycle, suburban kids have it all precisely because they live in the 'burbs but it only makes them hate their living environment more. Rock music is a relatively safe way to channel this protest, especially because their parents are the ones who pay for guitar lessons, auditions etc.


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