Friday, February 18, 2005

The Cuban Cossacks

Another nice post from Bob Tarantino wherein he manages, as usual brilliantly, to expose leftist rubbish. This time the target is David Suzuki's latest piece on Cuba:
... you'll also learn that in the Suzukiverse, all of Cuba's problems are caused by... yep, the evil Amerikkkan fascistimperialistwarmongers. You see, Cuba "has been deliberately blocked from the global economy by the U.S.", and the country "is in many ways cut off from the outside world". Fascinating stuff. If David knew his head from his ass, he'd know that there is only one country on the face of the planet which has an economic embargo against Cuba (i.e., the US). Every single other country in the world, unless I'm missing some, like, say Tuvalu, trades with Cuba.

Geez, it didn't occur to me before even though I heard exactly the same lame explanation why communism appears to be not working in Cuba (well, of course there are some loonie lefties that would tell ya that everything is all right on the 'Freedom Island'. But it's no point to have a discussion with that type anyway.).
It's always puzzled me why mainstream leftists like Mr. Suzuki would have to embarrass themselves by supporting communist dictatorships such as Cuba's. There appears to be nothing that mandates one provide lame excuses for communism while advocating, say, 'green living'.
My explanation is purely psychological. Hatred blinds. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Not very moral but pretty self-serving. If U.S. is sooo much against Castro's Cuba then there MUST be, surely must be something good about their system like the following:
It's all hunger and malnutrition over there but
the happy Cubans are developing "a deeper appreciation of their relationship with food".

P.S. I am sure nobody will be able to recognize the allusion I am making in the title of this post. So here's the explanation:
The Kuban Cossacks (a.k.a Kubanskie Kazaki) is a famous Soviet Stalinist postwar flick that portrayed happy Soviet peasantry while in reality people in the village were dying from famine.


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