Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Iraq war memoirs

It is very unfortunate that this text is written in Russian for war buffs and just about anyone like me who has a slightest interest to find out about modern U.S. warfare would surely enjoy it. The Mission(Komandirovka) is written by a Russian-American guy who ended up in Iraq as a “military civilian”. Ivan Dow is a coroner sent to Iraq on a special mission by the U.S. government not lastly due to his Russian background. But there’s relatively little about it. The first part of the novel is entirely devoted to the battles fought by the crew of an Abrams tank. And it’s awesomely written. There are quite a few technical details but reading it remains entertaining and easy.
I have the benefit of being able to read in Russian I highly recommend the Trip or at least you can take a look at the pictures taken by the author.


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