Sunday, February 20, 2005

roots of antiwestern attitudes in Russia

It's not an easy matter but what I want to say right now is just a starting observation.
For a while I've been reading Russian nationalist web sites and blogs that are sharply critical of America to say the least but beneath all the crap about 'American-Jewish' conspiracy etc. there is a great resentment to the way Russia has been treated after the end of the Cold War.
The Soviet Union WAS a great superpower after all that did manage to compete with the U.S. and the rest of the West for fifty years. But since the collapse of the Soviet Union Russia has been relegated to the level of Bangladesh, Central African Republic etc. A country that has nothing but poverty, corruption, crime and is socially backward.
Its people might be pitied for her vices but never, never anything good can come out of that would be worth of respect and Western countries can learn.
Most Russian nationalists are actually quite educated people and they feel very offended by this attitude which makes them say many stupid things.


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