Saturday, February 11, 2006

History notes: elegant prose

On General MacArthur(reading history books):
He was not susceptible to hints or indeed to outright orders of which he disapproved...
Leaders of the past were vile, sly, cunning, treacherous, arrogant, cynical, immoral and in many ways thouroghly despicable men. But they look like giants compared to today's intellectual midgets - modern politicians. How sad...


At 6:43 PM, Blogger A. Shah said...

MacArthur was a pompous delusional bully. The world is better off without characters like him- no cult of personality for me thanks.
I always find it puzzling how conservatives always seem to be attracted to egomaniacal tyrant types while at the same time spouting off about the evils of a controlling government?

At 9:00 PM, Blogger Oleksa said...

Before making sweep generalizations about 'conservatives', you would've been better off, if you had noticed that I'm fully aware of MacArthur's shortcomings (see my second sentence). I agree that MacArthur was egomaniacal - but he wasn't a politician, his commander skills and valour have not been disputed, have they?
So I don't understand why did you call him a tyrant? Is there any evidence he might have become one if not for the Korean debacle?
Churchill was also of questionable moral stature but I guess even you wouldn't deny that he's one of the greatest politicans of all times.
And b.t.w. if you think that I only admire right-wing politicos of the past, you're mistaken - the other day I had to watch a VHS on Yalta and there was Roosevelt speaking in 1945 - it looked great, although I have much to loathe about him.
When I say that modern politicians are vastly inferior to their predecessors I mean both, left and right.
To sum up, you are way off the mark with you comment as you try to ascribe to me, and by extention, to all conservatives, views I don't hold.

At 3:19 PM, Blogger A. Shah said...

I was only half serious when I wrote the second paragraph. I was being a little facetious. I guess it's another of example of humour getting lost when its written on the page.
'Tyrant' is an exaggeration. But even by military standards I think Mac was famous for his authoratarian style. When I think of the guy, his actions during the Korean war are what most strongly come to mind of him. I know it's only part of his career, but his actions in Korea strike me as being so irresponsible and deluded it's hard for me to have any respect for the guy. He strikes me as being only slightly more sane that Curtis LeMay.


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