Tuesday, January 24, 2006

post-elections reflections: NDP in Alberta

From a left-wing discussion board:
- The NDP ran an impressive 2nd in Nova Scotia, BC, Saskatchewan, The North, and almost Manitoba and Alberta.
- The NDP rose the most in Alberta and Quebec.
- The NDP almost unseated Peter McKay and an Alberta Conservative MP.

I guess we're fortunate that guys on the left can be so delusional. Yes, statistically many NDP candidates did indeed come in second in Alberta. But the incumbent Tories won those ridings by 20 to 30 thousand margins!!! So it didn't really matter whether NDP was second or third or fourth. May be it can provide party activists with some solace that they managed to beat Marxist-Leninists very soundly, but it'd get them any more MPs.
And regarding "almost unseatting an Alberta Conservative MP", that was Rahim Jaffer of course. As I wrote below he won by approximately the same margin as in 2004. So it
was really a decided contest from the start.


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