Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Liberals' leadership race: it's a give-away game!

CTV reports:
Tobin won't be running for Liberal leadership

Updated Wed. Feb. 1 2006 6:31 AM ET News

Another Liberal leadership prospect has dropped out of the early race to replace Paul Martin, with Brian Tobin announcing he will not be putting his name forward.

Just reminded me that nobody was rushing in to replace Gorbachev after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Similarly, when Canada's government party is out of business of governing, suprise, suprise, political heavyweights are reluctant to step in.
I heard Tie Domy campainged for Belinda Stronach this time. Since fighting seems to be on decline in the new NHL he might be up for a new career move.


At 10:07 PM, Blogger A. Shah said...

There's nooo possible way Belinda Stronach is going to win the leadership. I wouldn't exactly describe the Lib leadership as a give-away, there's plenty of very strong candidate like Dion, McLellan, Ignatieff, Brison...and plenty more.

It's amazing how quickly conservatives become flushed with arrogance after suckling at the teat of power ;-)

At 3:44 PM, Blogger Oleksa said...

Actually, my suggestion was even bolder than you thought - I implied that Tie Domi might want to vie for the leadership of the Liberal party:-)
As to the string of 'strong candidates' check this out

It seems Rex is thinking what I'm thinking but he's much better at putting it in words :-)

In regard to Belinda Stronach. Well, I just recall you, two years ago, gamely supporting her candidacy for the leadership of the Conservative (!) party. So consider it a favour returned, so to speak :-).
Isn't that funny how, in the course of two years, we have arrived at the point when
- Liberals are in opposition
- their party has no leader
- and Belinda is running to replace Paul Martin (perhaps, in a year or two, she'll be running to replace Jack Layton)

I khow she's got no chance to win it but I can't wait to see the media start lecturing the Libs that Belinda is a legitimate contender because she's young, urbane, female, not associated with those scary (Reform)Cretienite circles etc .
Have your fun!


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