Monday, November 21, 2005

only an academic could have written this (канадская гараджа)

yet another article full of lavish praise being showered on Michaelle Jean:

But it will take much more than the transformation of the office of Governor-General into a showpiece of Canada’s national globalism for the successful continuation of high rates of national expansion through accelerated immigration.

I could see more clearly than before how the project of blending our histories to build Canada is widening the setting of our national drama towards the broadest possible vistas of World History. And I could begin to see with some precision how far educators in Canada have still to go in depicting our evolution in ways that truly reflect the global scope of who we have been, who we have become, and what we may yet be if we can seize our collective destiny with courage, imagination, unity, and humility.

As the primary personification of the Canadian Crown, Governor-General Jean has some very explicit duties to safeguard, apply, and enforce the Aboriginal provisions of our country’s constitution. She must try to use the example of her office to help the government fulfill solemn promises made over centuries that the imperial sovereign would protect the rights and titles of the Crown’s Aboriginal allies from invasion, incursion, and violation.

I just love the author's habit of ending the last sentence in a paragraph with a string of similarly sounding nouns that make no sense in the context. And of course,
I'm not enlightened enough to know what the heck is 'national globalism', isn't that some sort of an oximoron?

I would've paid much attention to this pompous rant if not one thing: the author, Anthony Hall is not just in academia - he teaches history at the University of Lethbrigde. I think his students deserve better....

using 'padonki' slang
here's my verdict in Russian:

аффтар, убей себя ап стену!


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