Wednesday, December 29, 2004

year in review: politics

This was a year of elections. All the countries that matter to me: Canada, the U.S., Ukraine and Russia had one. Yes, it only came to my mind just a second ago that Russia in fact also held presidential elections. But that one was the least genuine in fact Putin’s scheduled ascendance to the Russian throne (oopps, I mean presidency) was as predictable and as boring as it gets. Ukraine’s Orange Revolution is the most exiting one. There has been so much said about it so I really don’t need to repeat myself. But there’s one thing worth of stressing again and again: On December 01, 1991 about 90% of Ukrainians supported independence on a referendum but only now, thirteen years later, when they poured into the streets to protest a rigged election the world has finally noticed. I see this as arguably THE most important outcome of the Orange Revolution.

Meanwhile prior to November 02 there had been a lot of huffin’ and puffin’ about the ‘divisive’ U.S. elections. Armageddon predictions, a lot of posturing, and huge sums of money poured in the campaign with one goal – to unseat George W. Bush. In fact, even I, with all my skepticism, sometimes couldn’t stand up the pressure by Liberal media. At certain moments I was convinced there was no way W. was going to win on November 2. But he did and guess what? Life still goes on. By no means world is a paradise and all kind of shit keeps happening, including things of not human making, but the doomsday doesn’t seem to be anywhere nearer than before.

Which brings me to my adopted homeland, Her Majesty’s deranged dominion. There is a saying that there are about hundred nations playing soccer and some of them are pretty damn good but invariably only the Brazilians win the World Cup. In Canada, the same can be said about the Liberals. No matter how incompetent, corrupt, tired and bereft of ideas they are, the Government will ultimately be theirs to form. Voters were angry with the Liberals, they called them names and promised to punish them but in the end Canada’s natural governing party was returned to power.


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