Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Red Ensign on my blog

For those blog surfers outside of Canada I'm referring to that little red flag in the right corner of my blog.
It's been here for a while and I swear to God I decided to put it up there on my own accord (unlike, say, the orange colour of the title which was inspired by Damian Penny's post).
As it turns out, I am not alone. Here's another blog, Trudeapia, that features the Red Ensign (read an excellent post on the subject on Tuesday December 15 - I can't figure out how to make a permanent link to it, sorry!) and this post, The Birth of Trudeaupia.
They pretty much say it all and I don't have much to add. The thing that some readers will no doubt find ironic, is that I have no British heritage whatsoever. However it doesn't preclude me from appreciating the tradition behind it.


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