Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas to everyone!

I ended up being alone on the Christmas day. It may sound terrible but actually it's okay. To me Christmas is actually more of a religious holiday rather than a family gathering for in the Soviet Union we would do that on the New Year's eve.

I attended a mass this morning at a Polish 'kosciol' (catholic church). I liked it a lot and I felt spiritual. Praying in Polish, even though I haven't fully mastered the language, feels special. Perhaps because I don't use it in my everyday life so it's only reserved for worship.
The birth of Jesus - to jest wielka tajemnica naszej wiary! (this is a big secret of our faith). I like those words and many other that I heard.

I wish Merry Christmas to everyone on this planet. I hope you're having wonderful holidays!!!!

May God's blessing be with you and your family!


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